Meshes farther than frustum

If one were making something where you could fly from one planet to another, this would obviously involve a very large scale and would require a very large frustum maximum distance in order to render the planet. But if one wanted to keep the frustum a reasonable distance to ignore debris between you and the planet until closer, how could we still display the planet?

The only things I could think of was putting the planet just in front of the end of the frustum and scaling + translating it as the user moves around or leaving the frustum large and toggling the visibility of everything in the scene. Are there any other way to go about this?

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Logarithmic depth buffer


Logarithmic depth buffer would help in @Gaurav_D_Kale use-case in order to avoid z-fighting with far objects, but it would not address his concern of ignoring small objects far from the camera, would it ?

Thanks @marquizzo for linking the logarithmic depth buffer example. I’ve never used that before so it’ll definitely come in handy. And yes @felixmariotto I don’t think that will help with ignoring small objects far from the camera. Most likely I’ll need to group objects and set them to visible at the appropriate time