Camera Frustum Question/Situation

So with the help of the kind folk on this forum (lookin at you Mugen/Pailhead/Fyrestar), I have a pretty cool instanced buffer geometry based grass/foliage system. The world is broken into an 8x8 grid where each section has it’s own grass mesh.

So, since I’m using instancing, the bounding box is only the size of one piece of geometry, so the mesh get’s prematurely culled. At least I think that’s what’s happening.

Can I just resize the mesh bounding box to the appropriate grid section size, would that work?

Yes, I think so. As an alternative, maybe you can just show only the current cell where the player is in and its adjacent cells? I know, this approach has nothing to do with view frustum culling. But still it might be an option in order to effectively limit the visibility range of the player.

Cool, will give it a shot.

Yea I’m limiting visibility based on distance to cells, just wanted to hide the ones “behind” the character if possible. Every little bit counts -]

Thanks again.