Mesh Not Displaying On scene

Hey Guys, I was trying to display two scene on the same div element here is a snippet of what I mean

I created two scenes, two cameras, two renderers and two orbitcontrols in a useeffect and the issue I am having is I create two different meshes however only the mesh in the first scene is showing up and the other mesh displays for maybe a second or half a second and then nothing displays on the second scene but the mesh of the first scene stays without disappearing.

I would appreciate any solutions to this issue. Thank you

100% impossible to help with the current snippet - it doesn’t show much :smiling_face_with_tear: what are the scenes? What do the refs do? How are models loaded? Are you using vanilla or react-three-fiber? If vanilla, how is the entire renderer set up?

Ah, I see now. My apologies for the oversight. However, I figured out the issue was that for one scene I had ambient light and directional light but neglected to add that for the second scene :sweat_smile: