Mesh into face of Mesh

is it possible to integrate a Mesh into another Mesh? For example, in the face of a cube, I add 2 smaller cubes that I can manipulate.

Yes. Add the two small cubes as children of the big cube.

bigCube.add( smallCube1, smallCube2 );

From this moment, the position, orientation and scale of the small cubes will be relative to the big cube.

Some fun with Raycaster :slight_smile:



Have you changed anything in the code? :thinking:

When I looked on my smartphone a few hours ago, codepen was like the picture with the big blue cube.

Now the big cube is completely transparent on all my devices.

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The big blue cube is back now :slight_smile:

I was just curious, if it works without the cube.

It looks mysterious when you have to watch for yourself where the little cubes are moving.

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