Material of GLTF model changes after exporting it from

Hi everyone :wave:,

I noticed something weird happening with the materials when I use the GLTF-exporter (the color information is somewhat lost).

Steps to reproduce the issue

1.Take this model in Blender, and export it to GLTF (as a gltf binary file):
test-figure.blend (978.5 KB)
test-figure-1.glb (12.8 KB)

2. Import the model in the three.js editor (plus add llights):

3. Now export the scene as a gltf file:

test-figure-1-web-based-export.gltf (101.4 KB)

4. Import the gltf file to Blender or and see how the material has changed:


  • The blue material has the default settings in Blender, except for the colors. So no subsurface modifier or anything
  • With some models, I don’t experience this problem at all
  • This model was a child of an armature with animations, but I removed all the animations from the file, along with the armature modifier and the armature itself. The mesh of the figure is not in any kind of parent-child relationship now.

I spent a lot of time debugging this issue already, but couldn’t find anything useful (the “Color Attribute”-node in the shader of the re-imprted gltf model definitely seems suspicious though). Any help would be greatly appreciated! :pray: