Material does not use texture coordinates


I exported out a .glb and improted into a gltf viewer and the error thrown was

Material does not use texture coordinates sets with indices (0).

I’m just trying to understand what this error means?


Uploaded to Sketch fab and magically all the textures showed up… Well, one model had the texture, bump, and roughness maps all wrong but was able to fix.

In general, it just means that certain information of the asset are not actually used. In this case, texture coordinates are defined but the material has no textures that would utilize these data.

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Hey Thanks,

When I exported from Modo I realized I didn’t add gltf2 to the materials. Once I did that everything worked out! So maybe code wise it didn’t attach to the bin or decode correctly. Still learning how this works so dont know the lingo.


Doesn’t hurt anything to include UVs without a texture, sometimes you might want that. The validator is just letting you know because if you didn’t need them, removing them would save a few bytes per vertex.

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