Marker is causing issues when is near to camera

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I have a problem with the marker, when I approach the camera to the marker and I want to see the virtual objects from the side, that is to say from their sides, for some strange reason the objects rotate towards the camera, preventing the visualization of the lateral area. Is there any code option that allows me to eliminate this strange behavior?

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You can reduce the near clipping value of your camera to 0.001 such as this:

const camera = new THREE.PerspectiveCamera(70, window.innerWidth / window.innerHeight, 0.001, 100)

Doesn’t works.

This snippet was added to the actual source, sadly with not change :frowning:

               <a-entity camera="active: true, near:0.001, far:100"></a-entity>

I play with a range of values beteen 0.001 to 0.1, same issue.

So you are using a-frame, maybe issue is due to losing the track of the floor or the marker when the mobile device gets too close. If that is the case you can try to upscale your object so it fits the screen from some distance. Can you post a video or gif of how the issue looks like?

The change was done on object, now is more bigger, but even doesn’t works
This is the video => (I can’t upload to this server because is too big) from 12 seconds is the issue, the object rotate to the camera.

Same video here =>

I tested AR.js marker examples, I get jittery movement, loss of track but random rotation of the object was not one of the side effects.

It is extremely strange, but it is reality, see how the object rotates in the video. It doesn’t always happen. Is it a question of the geometry of the object or do you think it is an issue of the three or the marker?

In the image, the label had to be facing forward, not towards the camera, additionally, the object completely broken.

The strange thing is that it happens to me more times on a QR positioned perpendicular to the ground, while if it is lying down, it does not happen always.


thanks for your time, bro.

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something is wrong whn a put on tag arjs this conf

arjs =‘sourceType: webcam; sourceWidth: 600; sourceHeight: 400;
displayWidth: 600; displayHeight: 400; canvasWidth: 600;
canvasHeight: 400; debugUIEnabled: false;’

when put only
arjs=‘debugUIEnabled: false’
all works perfectly.