Many new modules with three.js R105

A lot of users complained about the poor module support of the three.js examples files in the past. It was often necessary to manually convert JS files into modules or use third-party npm modules so they were usable in certain software projects. With R105 the project provides all frequently used files as modules e.g. all controls, renderers, post-processing classes, effects and many more. Besides, the project also added the respective TypeScript declaration files. A detailed listing of the current available modules can be found at the end of the following guide: Import via modules.

As written in the documentation, you can import modules from the JSM directory. Most of these files are auto-generated from the original JS source. We will continue to convert more exotic files in the future. If you need a certain file very urgently, just post it in this topic. These files will be prioritized then.


Thank you so much for putting in the hard work here. Having (nearly) all the examples available as modules is the best thing that’s happened to three.js in quite a while. :fireworks: :grin: