LudoTune - 3D music sequencing toy

Hi everyone!

LudoTune is a musical toy I’ve been working on over the last year that lets you build loops, songs or just strange musical sculptures out of cubes. I’ve recently added some features that make it possible to use conditional logic in your creations too, which means you can make generative music among other things. (2)

You can try it out here:

Some other things you can do are:

  • generate short links to share anything you build
  • output midi directly to a DAW or midi device
  • build whatever circuits you can imagine using conditional cubes as AND, OR, XOR etc logic gates

Hope you enjoy it! Any feedback or questions are welcome!


This is really cool and has amazing potential. I enjoyed listening to other people’s creations, wish there was more of them!

When it came to making my own, I didn’t get very far :sweat_smile:

Partially it’s because I’m not at all musical. But I think the UI could be improved - for example, a quick method to change the cube direction would be nice. I can press 1-4 to switch creation modes, which is great. But when a cube is selected, I didn’t see a quick way to change the direction - maybe WSAD/arrow keys could be used?

Likewise, a quick way to change notes would be nice - something like z/x to go up and down the notes. Bonus points if you could select a particular scale (chromatic/pentatonic) and then move up or down that scale easily. That would make creation easier for non-musical folks like myself.


Thanks for trying it out and I really appreciate the feedback! You’re right that there could be some more keyboard shortcuts. Currently there’s ‘M’ for quickly muting and unmuting, as well as some standard ones for undo (Ctrl-Z), redo (Ctrl-Shift-Z), select all (Ctrl-A) and delete, but shortcuts for the other properties would also make sense.

A ‘musical typing’ option for selecting notes on the keyboard is something I’ve been considering too, where the keyboard view is shortened to an octave or so at a time so each note can be associated with a key on the keyboard (like in and a lot of other musical software). This could potentially be combined with an option to set the scale too.


it looks so good and what an interesting way to visualise music and build shapes out of it!

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Totally freaken brilliant! What a fun way to make music. Excellent UI too!

This is so lovely. Thank you for doing this :pray:

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