Low FPS collada scene on smartphone

I try load collada (40 mb) and i see very low FPS perfomance on mobile phone, but on PC FPS is normal.
My collada scene here: https://ch41294.tmweb.ru/3d/three.js-master/build/sample.html
What could be the reason?

Looking at the three developer tools, you can easily see that the model is too complex:


Almost 2000 draw calls is way too high. You essentially have the same issue like the user in Large lagging and fps drop with .glb file

The solution is to merge and (and possibly) simplify geometries. 40 MB is too big for a web asset. Consider to use glTF instead of Collada and the respective dev and optimizationtools (e.g. DRACO and/or texture compression).


Thank you. I found two VERY heavy model at my scene - notebook and chairs, i change em end perfomance is good!