Looking to hire a freelancer for a weird website commission

Hi everyone! I’m looking for a freelancer that can build a weird and unique three.js/webgl website for me. Details below.

The vision for my site is “simple”. I have a logo. It’s a circle with an alien head inside the circle. At the top there’s the name curved around the outer edge.

For the site itself, it will start the same but the alien/text will be 3D and you will be able to see that the rest of the aliens body is out of frame.

As you start to pan downward, you realize the circle is a “black hole” and is ripping the skin off of the alien below the head. This reveals his alien insides. Certain parts (e.g. Heart) will be animated and link to my discord, a pop up about me section, etc on touch/click.

I have the 3D model of the alien completed but I need everything else.

If this is something that interests you, send me a DM or your discord below and we can talk minute details! I’d appreciate a portfolio of some kind as well. Thanks!

Here is a screenshot of the model you’d be working with, in all its underwear and long nipple glory (:laughing:): https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/846549055877677117/849453694461542470/unknown.png

I wouldn’t use “simple” to describe this site. These animations sound very complex. :smiley:


Definitely not simple, no. My hope is to handle all the animations myself and whoever reaches out can make them come to life! :grinning: I’m just not entirely sure best practices for achieving my vision. Thanks!

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One thing to think about when approaching drafting up your vision is the time/energy. (Money) needed to make it a reality.

At one end of the spectrum you can get a similar vision done simply with svg animations …think “South Park”.

At the other end… Fully blown photo-real interactive three.js “Alien autopsy film”…

Whatever fits the “bill”…

OK. Thanks.

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