Looking for web developer with three.js and node.js experience for a social web app

We’re looking for a web developer with node.js experience, to help us build an interactive online web app for desktop and mobile, that explores new ways of connecting people.

Teleport is a company that connects people in new ways.

Our first product, https://drinks.chat is a new sort of web world. Think second life, among us, or habbo hotel, but more connected to your city and the real world, like facebook was.

Developed in javascript, three.js, and socket.io, it’s a place where people can move around in spaces and interact with other users currently also on the site.

Combining elements of: Twitter (short messages and replies), Discord (common interests), Slack (keeping in the know), Meetup (city specific interest groups), Messenger (chat), Zoom (webrtc video streaming), Twitch (entertainment), YouTube (content), Maps (city locations), Uber (trust ratings), video games (3D worlds), robot telepresence (remote agency), a local cafe, bar, gym, sporting club, or visiting a friend, Drinks allows you to talk to people, and meet new people in your city.

We’re developing the concept to see what works, and iterating towards a compelling experience that people find is a good and useful way to spend their time.

iPhone and Android app development to follow when the initial web prototype is developed.

We’re looking for web developers who are open to working with a product that is still in the very early development stages and iterating towards improvements. Experience working with founders and early stage companies is a big plus.

If you’re a developer, drop us a note at hatsmagee@gmail.com.

Part time contract work available.

First product in development: https://drinks.chat


Nice to meet you. :smile: :smile:
I’m very happy to send this proposal.
I have experience in working with startup company.
I’m a senior 3D web developer with highly skilled experience in Three.js, WebGL, React, and Node.js.
Through careful reading your post, I have understood you were looking for talented 3D developer with good experience in Three.js and Node.js.
I’m sure I can meet your all requirements based on my skills and experience. :100:
Especially, I’m very fully experienced in Three.js + socket.io project.
I have already sent message via mail.
My contact info:


mail: CrazyPassion218@gmail.com
skype: live:.cid.d3953209a5266c9a

I look forward to your good reply.
Thanks in advance.
Kind regards.

Looks promising, I sent email

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