Looking For threeJs Developer - Web Video Developer

We have started to build a 360 video browser-based tour engine using threejs. We take a 360 video and offer the user some controls to be able to move front and back in the video on the recording trail. The tour engine works great on Chrome and Edge browsers. Although very poorly on Safari and FireFox. The problem is when the user changes direction front/back it takes a long time to load the reverse video to move the other direction. On Chrome and Edge it is instant on Safari for the HQ video it takes 15 seconds and on FireFox around 7 seconds. We would like assistance on how we can fix this problem, so the movement between front/back is instant on all browsers.

We currently have a primary developer on this project that is trying to fix this, although we want to speed up the process by inviting another developer to offer us a solution.

Attached is a video of the problem (the freeze and random change of frame when changing direction). Please contact me for additional details.

The link of the video showing the issue is: Video of Issue - YouTube
The Tour Engine we have is: Pano Video

You can reach me at mohsen.medhatyoussef@gmail.com

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