Looking for patner

I have some software that needs releasing, I all so have a ot of Threejs expertese
I need a partner that can fund me for the last miles it needs to polish the software and release it.

1000e business loan would cover it, I can pay back x2 after the software is released.

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It might be useful to state how long do you expect it to take for the software to be released. You shared your rate so this seems like it would cover 3 months, but you should disclose this. Is patenting something a part of what the patner would do in this partnership?

It should take less than one month, oculus home review process might take some weeks though, so 2 months is true.

in the end, I just need the hardware to do it. My laptop has some driver and perfomance problems. I could do with 400e, but i might need a new rift.