Looking for Next.js/three.js developer

Hello, talents!

We are looking for three.js developer who is skilled in game development and telegram mini-app development.
You will be needed to handle the complicated 2D/3D animations, realistic rendering, and game logic.
The ideal candidate should have plenty of experience in React/Next.js, Typescript, API integration.



I have got deep understanding and practical experiences with the Three.js.
I’d like to join in your project.

Thank you.

Hi there.
I am three.js developer with 6+ years experiences.
and I have many experiences about react, Next.js, Typescript, etc.
I can show my working using R3F, React.
My Discord : blueocean7335
Kind Regards.

Hello @alchemist777
I Hope you doing good

As I am certified Three.Js Developer, also I have experience of 6 Years and I have developed many Three.Js using Web GL and it also include modelling scripting

Let me know can we discuss more ?

You can contact me on manal.jain@techsolvo.com


Hi, there.
I hope you are getting a great day.
With rich experience in Three.js, I’m confident about your requirements.
I’ve developed several projects with Three.js and I implemented interesting 3D models and animations.
Can we discuss more detail?
My email address is rexdev328@gmail.com
Alexandar M.

Hey, please contact me on telegram: Telegram: Contact @ambition318

I can’t dm you in telegram.


This is my telegram.
I hope to listen from you asap.

Hello, alchemist

I am excited to apply for the Three.js Developer position. With experience in game development and Telegram mini-apps, I can handle 2D/3D animations, realistic rendering, and game logic.

Key Qualifications:

  • Three.js: Skilled in 2D/3D animations and realistic rendering.
  • Game Development: Extensive experience in game logic.
  • React/Next.js: Proficient in React and Next.js.
  • Typescript: Experienced in type-safe coding.
  • API Integration: Skilled in integrating various APIs.

Application Materials:

I look forward to contributing to your team.

Best regards,
samuel emmanuel


I’ve 5 years of experience in Reac.js and Next.js as well.

Please give me your email ID so I can share my portfolio with you.

Thank You


please contact me via my website https://massless.ltd for Next.js/Three.js/R3F services.

I’m capable of realistic rendering, for example by using more realistic materials, but bear in mind two things:

Realistic looking graphics will not work so well on older devices, or mobiles; there will be a performance penalty.
Realistic looking graphics depends on the artist, and the assets provided. For example, one common technique for realistic rendering is to use baked lighting, that is part of the 3D model.

If you’re still open to working with me, please feel free to contact me with your project via the contact form on my website.

All the best,


Greetings, I’m a Creative Developer with extensive expertise in Next.js, React, Three.js, WebGL, Shaders, GSAP, Tailwind CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript I specialize in creating visually stunning and functional web experiences.

My portfolio (https://ariefraihan.vercel.app/) highlights projects where I harmonize aesthetics with usability, embodying the “form follows function” principle.

I am eager to discuss how my skills and passion for creative development can benefit your projects. Thank you for considering my application.

CDCV-2024.docx.pdf (401.7 KB)

Kind regards,
Arief R. Syauqie