Looking for a solution for having ''seamless'' transitions between different UV islands/same uv map

Think of it as a slide of a 2d image onto surface geometry that has different uv islands but the result when this image is sliding across those islands or scales up needs to be continuous as there were all one. If the vertex positions can be calculated in xyz at the areas with the seams, then maybe this is the way to go. If you come up with another solution we will be glad to discuss it further in order to get this to work. We will be sharing more info & a base mesh for the project plus a video presentation to anyone who is up to the task.
Note that projection methods are already tested & failed,just want to clarify that this is not the way.

This sounds a bit counter-intuitive. You have an object with separate UV islands, but when you scale up the texture you want those islands to align seamlessly? Do you have a screenshot of the UV islands to get an idea of how they’re mapped?

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