Looking for a job in browser game development

Hello, my name is Vladislav. I am engaged in game development using three.js / babylon.js. I have 3 years of experience working with TypeScript and 1.5 years of experience with Three.js.


  • GLSL shader development
  • Working with physics engines (3D: Rapier, Cannon / 2D: Box2D, Rapier)
  • Developing multiplayer browser games (Colyseus, Nengi), implementing client-side prediction algorithms (using step-based physics engines)
  • Creating 3D models (only voxel-based 3D models of any complexity)
  • Adapting 3D models for the three.js environment (mesh optimization)
  • Working with character and environment animations
  • Working with sounds
  • Development of NFT projects

I am engaged in the development of turnkey projects, I am independently ready to hire designers, layout designers, manage a team

Here is an example of my most recent project:

3D multiplayer browser game with voxels cars: Gameplay - YouTube
Game level editor (map editor): Level editor - YouTube
Runner style game: Runner style Game - YouTube

Mail: grand.sektor@gmail.com
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @p11vlad

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