Looking for a freelance 3D developer

My company is looking for a freelance 3D developer to help take our marketing sites to the next level. We need someone that can build 3D animations (think https://dna-chain.vercel.app) and 3D interactive product demos. Ideally you would also be able to generate 3D assets using something like Blender or Cinema 4D since we currently don’t have someone in house that can do that.

We build our sites using React and Gatsby so experience with those would be great but not a deal breaker. We are located on the east coast in the US so it would help to be available with some overlap.


Hi @mbdxtrich
I’m very interest in your job post. :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face:
I have good experience in modelling and rendering based on blender, Cinema4D and 3D max and of course, I’m a fully experienced three.js developer. I’m sure I can be a good fit candidate for this position, and now I’d love to discuss in more detail.


Discord: Crazy Manager#9491
Mail: CrazyPassion218@gmail.com
skype: live:.cid.d3953209a5266c9a

Please send me direct message so that we can discuss in more detail. Thanks.

I have pretty much experiences in GSAP , GSLS , threejs , react three fiber , webgl
I m interested and can help you perfectly

and i already have built similar animation project in past

I would like to discuss more details via telegram or discord

telegram : @DSODIN

discord : DS-3dworld#0020
thank you

Hi, I am a senior developer with hands-on experience in WebGL, Three.js, so I can work with you to implement your GOAL.
Three.js has been one of my most-used tools, and I know exactly how to set up great 3D scenes using cameras, lights, materials, particles, shaders, physics and animations. Also I have good experience in blender.

This is my portfolio site. If you take a look at my work and feel that I could work with you, please DM.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards

Hi, I am interested in this kind of projects that you mentioned. As a senior three.js developer, I have 5+ years experience with three.js, react-three-fiber, React and Next.js.
However, I am currently based in Finland. I’d like to talk about this opportunity further.

tg: @crfan0311
discord: crfan#8183

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards

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Hello mbdxtrich,

I want to express my interest on this job. With my extensive experience in 3D web design and proficiency in various technologies, I believe I would be an excellent addition to your team.

As a creative front-end developer, I specialize in building 3D animations and interactive product demos. My expertise with software such as Blender and Cinema 4D enables me to generate 3D assets with ease. Additionally, I am experienced in React and Gatsby, the platforms on which your sites are built.

I approach each project holistically, considering design and user experience as critical factors for success. My skillset includes UI/UX design, 3D modeling, functional programming, and fluid animations. My previous work with startups and architecture firms has allowed me to develop a unique perspective that considers both creativity and technical skill.

I am available for work with some overlap on the east coast in the US. I am confident that I have the necessary qualifications and experience to contribute to your team’s success. Thank you for considering my application.


PORTFOLIO: https://digitalhabitats.dev

Thanks to everyone responded. We are in the process of going through all of the responses figure out the next steps.

Good day,

I am interested in the role and would like to know more or if you have any potential fit for me.
Please head over to my portfolio:

Also see some of my latest projects with Threejs.

Best Regards,

check your discord please

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