Looking for a 3D animation of a watch

I need a small animation that would render a watch in 3d and show it in 360 degree. I have pictures of the watch so you would need to use these to create the rendering.

The animation should look something like this https://www.instagram.com/p/B_7pyM2pMXd/ (for the watch part at least)


This project might need two separate specialties:

  • 3D artist to model and texture a watch from photos
  • Three.js developer to import the model, render it, and make it interactive.

a floating watch wouldn’t be much of a problem:

fullscreen: https://o8u27.csb.app/
sandbox: Floating watch. - CodeSandbox

you find tons of models on sketchfab. but to model a custom watch in blender is a lot of work.


Thanks @drcmda, I already have the model in STEP format, is there an easy way to convert to GLTF? I saw there’s a paid plugin to import in blender but not sure about converting directing directly yo GLTF.

Also see the discussion here


A quick google search of “Step to glTF” shows there are many tools to do this. For example:


You’ll have to test with your model and see how it looks after conversion. You can test the converted glTF file here:


3d-convert looks awesome, didn’t know it. otherwise, onshape for step → gltf is another option, it’s free and has worked out well for me.

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Hey Patrick,
I could help you with the 3D Animation and the three js part. Just let me know if you stilll need some help.



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