Looking for a 3d and 2d web developer with interest in ML (100% remote option)

3D/2D Frontend Engineer @ TrueFootage.tech

Email hiring manager directly: nick.kolegraff@truefootage.tech

TrueFootage is looking for a frontend engineer that is motivated to transform an industry. TrueFootage is a real estate data and analytics company looking to bring the next level of efficiency to the real estate transaction process by superior quality of information, accuracy, and automation. We take pride in every detail in the process and heavily believe in continuous learning, consistent improvement, and getting results.

The Team

You would be paving the way as the first 3d/2d engineering hire at the company, we are looking for someone who can work through tough ambiguous problems, has an eye for aesthetics, dreams of tough rendering problems with messy data, can crank on a codebase, and is relentless about pleasing their customers and users.

What you will work on

You will work on leading the design and implementation of our critical web application and work directly with backend engineers and machine learning engineers to integrate their work into a beautiful application

  • Lead the development of our 3D technology and our drawing applications
  • Rapidly prototype new concepts and features into our webstack
  • Rapidly prototype new ideas on how to visualize information and test their validity
  • Work with backend engineers and machine learning engineers to bring their data and models to the end user

Who we are looking for

We are looking for a frontend developer that is looking to push the boundaries of possibility, interested in expanding their machine learning skills, set the pace for a company on how frontend development should be done, and drive technical excellence through demonstration

  • Demonstrated capability building production level applications supporting a strong user base
  • Track record and portfolio of projects that speak to your work
  • Strong knowledge of 3D rendering in browser based applications with demonstrated success
  • Strong knowledge of computational geometry
  • Strong knowledge of CAD based software
  • Strong knowledge of point cloud and mesh data rendering
  • Strong knowledge of rendering engines and computer graphics
  • String understanding of canvas/drawing applications
  • Strong knowledge of restful services (http, REST, json)
  • Strong knowledge of javascript, node.js, d3.js, three.js
  • Strong knowledge of SQL and databases (mysql, postgresql, etc…)
  • Working knowledge of AWS ecosystem
  • Working knowledge of HTML, CSS
  • Working knowledge of backend API development strong plus
  • You are great in ambiguous situations and prefer it to be that way
  • You are willing to take responsibility for you work and have a heightened sense of ownership
  • You iterate quickly, believe in constant and consistent improvement, and continuous learning.
  • Excellent communication skills and take pride in your ability to communicate and distill complex topics into succinct explanations.
  • You lead by doing and prefer substance over flash
  • Working knowledge of machine learning a major bonus.
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