LOD with Instancing and Multi-Material Meshes

Hey I’ve been struggling with keeping the performance of my game manageable after adding lots of trees and bushes etc. Is there a way to combine instancing with LOD. I have been using this module for the instancing.
Also, models with multiple materials are added as seperate meshes, is there anyway to fix this and merge it into one? E.g. a tree with two materials (the green of the leaves and brown trunk are added to the scene as two seperate meshes)

I appreciate the help

This might suit your case but isn’t available before May. Specifically it’s about the IndexedVolume. It also covers your second question about merging multiple sub-meshes with different materials into a single geometry and material, specifically made to enable instancing.

Checked it out. This makes threejs so much more powerful. Thank you for your effort. Can’t wait till May

Using vertex colors or texture atlases will let you fix this, but setting it up can require some work in a modeling tool like Blender.

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