Fog or light problem instancedMesh

Hi so i’ve been trying to learn instancing and its going pretty ok so far untill i ran into this …
if you look at this below image:

if you look at the top part this is my tree model loaded normally and it looks fine … below however is an instancedMesh of that same model but the fog seems to be more strong? OR it might not even be the fog either because i have flashing lights that glow on the leaves and this light doesn’t seem to be affecting the instancedmesh in anyway has anyone come across this before with instancing?
i mean the material and geo are the same so surely it should look the same? like you can hardly even see the instancedMesh version:

tree2.glb (1.4 MB)

I’m not aware of any reason that THREE.InstancedMesh should be affected by light or fog differently than THREE.Mesh, assuming both have the same material. Is this something you could reproduce in a demo and file as a bug?