Loading three.js exported Collada in Sketchup/Blender

Hey guys,
I have been going through this example https://threejs.org/examples/?q=collad#misc_exporter_collada, to learn how to export a mesh from three.js as .dae . When I try to open this collada file in softwares like sketchup / blender it crashes.
Is there any work around to repair these collada export files so that they can be opened in SketchUp? Or any guide to understand the format of collada export files and to repair manually or by file handling?



that question is asked by me only on stackoverflow. please atleast look before you answer something @prisoner849 :confused:

Please, think twice before make such an advice.

Putting a link to a question on other resources allows users on the forum to track the problem, thus they won’t do double job, answering here, if you already have an answer somewhere else.

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Don’t worry about the link to stackoverflow. We always share them when we encounter cross-posts at stackoverflow.

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