Mathematica .DAE Export opens in Open3Mod and SketchUp

I filed a ticket with Mathematica techsupport and they were able to open the Mathematica Export .DAE files I posted here earlier, they believe they open in some platforms and fail to open in others. They opened fine in Open3Mod and SketchUp.

While they are discussing the matter about the three.js platform, I have no workaround!

It is possible to import animations into why .OBJ or some other format.

By the time Mathematica engineering address this will be next release next year.


Previous post for context.

And the files:
pyramid.dae (2.7 KB)
cylinder.dae (59.3 KB)

I’ve tested these files in: 3DS Max, Blender, Motionbuilder, SketchFab, three.js and they don’t open. Confirmed that they work in Open3Mod.

I think it’s fair to say that they are invalid files and we can’t support them in three.js.

I’m sorry to hear that it will take so long for Mathematica to address the issue. You should continue searching for a different format to export in.

You are correct.

I have no idea what other types to use to import animation to three.js

If you can get 3d animations to export from mathematica in any popular 3d format, it should be possible to get it working in three.js.

However, since this is not a mathematica help forum I would say we’ve reached the limit of how much we can help you, until you get to that stage.

You should ask on a mathematica forum instead, maybe

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