Loading a gltf file my page controls are pretty heavy while rotating the object

I have a small query that really pissing me off. I know i’ve placed something wrong but unable to figure it out.
I am loading a gltf model and after loading rotating object is very slow or heavy. which is really annoying some times. page location is portfolio link for threejs experiments

kindly advice or help me to fix and learn properly.


and yes if i rotate in following image position i can see my car reflection is visible in front glass. which seems of reflection either from rect light or no idea.


Me and my math have questions :eyes:

Doesn’t seem to happen - is it happening only when you run the project locally? Do other three.js examples work fast for you?

Depends on how you set up the reflections. If it’s just a transmission material - it’s a bit buggy when it comes to IOR and thickness - reflections in transmission material aren’t screen-space aware, they just shift and bend the pixels around - which can look weird for not-so-thicc objects.

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for loading i’m using given example of
const manager = new THREE.LoadingManager( loadModel );
locally 100% is perfect but when it comes to remote just like i did i’ve more space :slight_smile: with percent.

Saving same page loading cufflink model is not giving same response. controls working ok with it.

i need to try your last comment with IOR adjustment. Thanks for your reponse.