- A RTS City building IO Game

Hey There!

I just programmed a new .io game. Basically have to buy properties and build buildings on it. Depending on what and where you build your stuff you can boost you income or harm other players.

It’s in early stage, so feel free to contact me about bugs and improvements.

The game can be found on:

I’m looking forward for your feedback.

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Wow, it looks just like a parked domain. You lost my trust straight away. [Back button]

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Please tell me, why did the site lost your trust right away?

Man, I’m trying to define why I had the same impression than Seanwasere. It looks exactly like a parked domain. I can’t tell you why, it is just an impression, it feels like there is nothing there I dunno. I will try to define why it causes such an impression, and please dont take this personal!

Even though i agree it appears like a parked domain page at first glance, that’s a bit too harsh and flagging it for only a appearance like this not okay.

The structure of the site, the colors, the „searchbar“ (it’s more commonly used like that) and the moving text and words such as „buy“ are all elements u rather see from such landing pages and there is a common one looking quite similar. It also took me a little to understand what to do there to start something.

Asides of removing the attention seeker elements like the big moving text, i would also recommend making it less appear like a search bar, maybe more like a centered modal dialog box.

@alexeh Perhaps you can put some visuals from places you used three.js
I couldn’t get pass the lobby and I am curious what you came up with.

I believe “parked domain” look maybe coming from the sliding visual at the top and the dark solid color against clip art icons. I would personally make it simpler and I believe making it as minimalistic as possible may make it easier at the landing page to attract more people into the lobby.

Best of luck. I am looking forward to screen caps if you can attach any.


How do you flag something? I didn’t know it was possible. It wasn’t me.

And then I read your comment further, and you seem to be agreeing with me. While also waving your flag back at me. Hello there.

Okay, I’ll do that.

@leventt Here are some screenshots:

It looks really good, but I just cant bring myself to touch any of those screen elements with my mouse on that home page. Honestly.

For context, this is what I see.


If you found this website by accident, without any pre context. It looks like a search engine for financial products.

Even I knew it was a game of some sort because I saw the original post, but the home page looks like a parked domain, that maybe, the game isn’t really there, but a slimy marketer desperately trying to turn my data into there own money.

I agree with the other comments regarding the landing page. To me, it looks like a dodgy page from the 90s.

If it helps I would personally:

  • Ditch the black background
  • Get rid of the scrolling text.
  • Use a more neutral/modern font for " little investor"
  • It was only on second load that I realised that the list was a key/reference so make that more obvious
  • Put more text and pictures explaining what’s it all about so people can decide whether it’s of any interest

Also, the fact that I have to wait for 3 people once I joined a lobby put me off as I couldn’t be bothered waiting - though clearly if this is vital for the game to work then maybe unavailable - unless you can get bots. If you had more of an explanation of what im going to be doing maybe I would be happy to wait.

good luck with it all

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This is so cool! City builders are my favourite. I opened three browsers so I could play.

My thoughts are:

Something about the pan/orbit/move mouse controls felt off but i can’t put my finger on it. I think maybe I expected ‘orbit’ to be either left or scroll wheel click. I don’t think the models needs as much freedom as it has. It could be clamped so that whatever the user does - the city remains at an attractive and usable angle/distance.

It would be cool if there was some kind of incentive for building properties next to each other. Say you could only upgrade a build past a certain level if it is next to ‘x’ number of equal level buildings. That way there is some mechanic to have each player use some kind of strategy (expand outward or upward?) Bots and or solo play options would be good for those times where other players don’t exist.

Overall though well done!

Sorry that apparently was someone else. I didn’t flag you either. The first comment still was a bit harsh making it appear as some insecure/spam site.

Hey @Heiddo,

Thanks for the feedback, glad that you enjoyed it.
I think your idea with the upgrade strategy is really good, I’ll try to implement it in the next version.

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