Link is not working

Hello: Something very strange is happening… I don’t know why.

I have this page:
it has a link to this page:

when I click NEXT - it goes to page16
but the threeJS is not working at all, all I see is a black screen

But if I type the “direct” link on the browser, I get this:
and it works!!

same code, same page, same everything,
direct: works!!
coming from link: do not works.

anyone can tell me why?

Open the javascript console and you will see the errors being printed.

Your first page is http but it links to an https website. The ThreeJS libraries are loaded using http which dont load on https website because when you are on https, it wants all the resources to also load over https to maintain the security.

Ok, that is the problem…
so what is the solution?

You should set up HTTP->HTTPS redirect. So when someone goes to, they are redirected to

If you need help with this you should ask on Stackoverflow.