Unexpected CORS issue in project

Hi I got this error suddenly out of nowhere as I was working on this project from last two weeks ,Today out of nowhere this issue pops up and after exploring debugging, I reached at this point where I’m not getting any solutions.
So can anybody guide me why I’m getting issue.
@prisoner849 @donmccurdy @mjurczyk @drcmda
for three.js import I’m using this script in head tag below.

    <script type="importmap">
        "imports": {
          "three": "https://unpkg.com/three@0.149.0/build/three.module.js",
          "three/addons/": "https://unpkg.com/three@0.139.0/examples/jsm/"


  1. Why are you using v149 of three, but v139 of examples? :thinking:
  2. Why are you pinging 4 people directly instead of posting a question and just patiently waiting a second until someone has a moment to answer? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
  3. unpkg seems to be having a bad day today - it throws random CORS / 403 / 404 all day. Consider falling back to jsdelivr, or just download the files and serve them locally.
  4. Why didn’t you ping @makc3d and @DolphinIQ while we’re at it? :eyes:
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why are you asking these questions when you know the answers @mjurczyk ? maybe try harder to look genuinely interested, lol

1.I didn’t worked on this project from scratch as just got it for some minor fixes so no idea why that devolper used as things were working properly it didn’t come under my consideration.
2.I pinged 4 people because they always help, apart from respect there is hope from you people or you can say more expectations.if you want me to never do it again simply I won’t gonna do it.
3.there is alot of modules in it tried to download and use it but things get worse so I decided to ask first it was my last option.
4. Personally I don’t know anyone ,you helped me in my last problem so i tagged you and rest of people always seems in every questions helping people.so thats why I always tagged them as to make sure they didn’t miss my post.:blush::no_mouth:

(On a more serious note - yes, @-tags make sense for replies or for when someone was already involved in solving a topic, since they trigger a notification. But if people adopt tagging in initial posts as a common practice, just as a tool for gaining attention, it would kinda force the tagged users to eventually mute all notifications :sweat_smile:)

Okay my bad ,from onward won’t gonna tag anyone .
But tell me that cors issue will gonna resolve by itself?

Right, went a bit way offtopic :sweat_smile: Tested it and it seems to be working properly. Could you verify the URLs you’re trying to fetch exist? (ie. click one of the urls that appear in the errors in your console and see if it leads to a proper script?)

Maybe also consider clearing the cache (open devtools, then hold refresh button):


Integrate your threejs with your source to avoid cross

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Hi. Sorry for my interruption. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:
I have a experience to help you here. But it is only for avoiding noisy during working.
And you should find the perfect solution.
Please your go to your folder containing your google.exe file and run the cmd window and type into there like this. chrome.exe --user-data-dir=“C://Chrome dev session” --disable-web-security
If there is no problem in the path of file, it certainly act works well.
I wish this will help you.

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Thanks for taking your time out for me but already solved by clearing cache .