Lighting/Shadows/Shaders in ThreeJS

How can I make my scene look better?

I am using GLTF models and I am trying to give off better lighting/shadows (shaders?) on my models. Tried a couple things to do with SAO but the SAO doesn’t seem to do anything to my models? Do I have to add my models to the SAO?

Quite new to Ambient Occlusion, Shaders etc in Three.js so any help would be great.

Every object just seems too blocky and hasn’t got expected shadows. Anti aliasing in also enabled but can’t seem to notice it!

If anyone could give me some steps, or point me in the right direction, to make my scene look nicer, it would be much appreciated!

The aoMap requires a second set of UVs. Are you exporting your GLTF with 2 sets of UVs?

Could you expand please? What do you mean by UVs?

I got my assets from online.

This is a good article explaining UVs: