Lensflare and frustumCulled property


I’m using a lensflare and i would like it to be always visible, even if the source point is outside the camera FOV.


I tried changing the frustumCulled property like that but nothing is changing, it still totally disappears:
var lensFlare = new THREE.LensFlare();
lensFlare.frustumCulled = false;

Does anybody know why this behavior happens ?
I’m searching for many days and i can’t find a solution, if you have a workaround it’s welcome.
Thanks a lot.

Have you tried setting frustum culled to false on the light?

I tried but the lensflare still totally disappears :confused:

I’ve made a Codepen :

How does a lens flare behave in real life? Is the three.js lens flare correct or wrong?

You’re right, Three.js adopts the correct behavior. What i want is an unusual behavior, I thought it was possible since the lensflare seems to inherit the Object3D’s properties :confused:
I looked deeply into lensflare and object3d classes but can’t find the reason why it does not work.

You have to change the WebGLFlareRenderer if you want a different behavior. The visibility of lens flares is controlled at this place.

Thanks. I didn’t see this file, that helped me to understand a little more how lens flares work but i haven’t been able to do what i want, i need to improve myself i am quite new in Three.js :]
I give up, i will find another way to do. Thanks anyway.