LED type display

How could I go about creating an LED type (video) screen in ThreeJS?
Essentially, each pixel of the (video) texture should appear separate, as if individual light emitters were arranged in a grid. Optionally, the space in between would be transparent.
Ideally, it would appear as if the brighter pixels would emit more light locally (affecting other objects in the scene, e.g. RectAreaLIght three.js examples).

I found a fragment shader that creates transparent grid lines:

(I could not get the code to run with OrbitControls in jsfiddle, so I used a local copy)

However, this technique causes significant aliasing.

Some materials have emissive and emissiveMap properties, but they don’t appear to affect other objects.

What techniques should I look into?

Recalled this: LED Dot Matrix Effect

Thanks, I’ll have a look