Learning shaders 🤯 Here is how it's going

Hi there,

in the last few weeks i set myself the goal to learn shaders, because i havent had contact with this topic before. Of course, Three.js Journey led me there but i am still proud what i managed so far. Her is a link to a sample of my recent work with shaders:





Shaders are sometimes an underestimated thing. I always think it’s great when someone is enthusiastic about it, because shaders are ultimately behind every material


Hello Kalabedo,
can you share with us what’s your roadmap or your journey to learn shaders?
like how your learning them how did you start and where.

Hello Mostafa,

I started exploring shaders by doing the Three.js course by Bruno Simon (https://threejs-journey.com/). First i skipped the shaders chapter because it was literally to much input for me and threejs already has alot of complexity to it. But i knew if i have some time i’ll dedicate it to this chapter. So i did about 3 months ago, i watched all the lessons and always tried to figure it out for myself first before i watched how its done. That helped a lot instead of blindly following a tutorial. At the end of each lesson Bruno also hints you in some directions how you could improve the created experience. He updated the shader lesson recently and there is almost 30h dedicated to that topic now. He also provides alot of extra links where u can dig deeper or find other cool stuff. Additionally i learned blender for the last 4 years and the material node system is somewhat related to shaders basically. So my next goal was to create own shaders from things i did in blender. Or i tried to recreate things from youtube. The best thing about the course is that you get to know the tools to build a lot of different things. But learning to use those tools and repeatedly try stuff is the way to learn in my opnion. I’m at this point now, i know whats possible with it and try some simple small projects with it to manifest the knowledge.

The book of shaders is also a good ressource to learn what shaders do btw: https://thebookofshaders.com/

Hope that helps