Lag on scroll when use threejs into html page

Hey folk , is there any way to improve performance when we combine Threejs scene with 2d content

there is no huge obj in the scene but there is s big lag on scroll and the website become so heavy , when i remove webgl canvas every thing become smooth , any thought plz??

Rendering a frame during the page startup when all asset have been loaded should mitigate the issue.

Since the duck and land assets contains sRGB encoded textures, the overhead is currently more noticeable on Windows due to a browser issue. You might want to downgrade to r132, wait for a browser fix or wait for a hotfix for current three.js versions.

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Thank you fir replay , but i think i don’t get this point what do you mean plz ??

Aha, i will try to fix it , but i also try it on mac and the same issue dose it make sense??

i downgrade threejs as import * as THREE from ‘’;

but there is no different Mr

It means you should call renderer.render( scene, camera ); once when both glTF assets have been loaded.

aha , i got it i did what you said and this the res i don’t think there is a big different do you ?