Just finished my first three.js website, what do you guys think?

I’m on a quest to get a job before July 20th, this website is the first step toward that goal.

What do you guys think? Any improvement ideas? I’m honestly not that happy with it, thinking about remaking it, but considering how little time I have left it might not be possible/smart. Feedback & opinions highly appreciated

Note: This isn’t necessarily a “portfolio” site, as I’m planning to be posting alot more on it, web development isn’t my only hobby which I plan to post about. For now though, it’s an anchor to show off what I can do artistically, as well as a short description about me

Link: https://www.rinz.online/ (works only on desktop for now)


@rinzexe here is an FYI feedback, just to make you aware of what some users might see when visiting your webpage.

The following 2 pictures show what I see in Firefox browser at 100% page zoom on my laptop, which is an average non-gaming laptop I would say.

One is full size window and the other is restored window, with resolutions of your page being 1600x776 and 1126x736.

FPS increases with lower resolution but your text is overlapping.

Things do get better if I use 90% page zoom in full size window and 67% page zoom in restored window.

No suggestion as to what you might do on your end to improve the appearance of your page.

After using some time, I received:


I suggest you use an error boundary:

I saw you are using Next.js so:

I don’t know if it will help you, but good luck with your quest!! :slight_smile:

your fps gets better if you use 90% page zoom? thanks for the feedback though, highly appreciated. i’ll fix those issues asap

@rinzexe different zoom levels actually make your text more organized and readable.

FPS gets higher in a smaller window, which should be normal for any animation. The pictures posted in my previous reply show the FPS in the top left corner.

As for the error mentioned by @iHast, I did get that same error after clicking on the Return to OOO link.

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