Jewelry Designer Portfolio - Create a captivating portfolio using iJewel Design

Ever dreamt of a tool that could help you give life to your jewelry designs, not just on paper but in captivating 3D? That’s exactly what iJewel Design does!

Designed for smart jewelry designers, iJewel Design is an advanced tool that helps to turn concepts into real designs in seconds. With this tool, you can create a mind-blowing jewelry design portfolio that you can showcase to your potential customers and grow your business.

Here’s what iJewel Design can do for you:

  • High-quality 3D visuals: iJewel Design can help you come up with jewelry designs in crystal clear quality. It lets you show every tiny detail, texture, and shadow just like you imagined. (Your customers will stare at your designs for so long, that they might forget they’re digital!)

  • Real-time interaction: Let your customer rotate, flip, and zoom your jewelry designs from every angle right on their screens, helping them understand the depth of your jewelry designs and fostering a deeper connection. (Let 360-degree exploration make your customers feel like they are holding jewelry in their hands!)

  • Cross-platform accessibility: Show off your designs anywhere and anytime. Showcase your jewelry design portfolio across desktops, tablets, and smartphones, ensuring your designs captivate your customers regardless of the device they use. (Hook’em irrespective of what device they use!)

  • Safe and secure: Being a jewelry designer is all about taking unique ideas from your mind and making them a reality. But with that process, it’s important to maintain originality and protect your work. With iJewel Design you get control over who can access and view your designs. (Showcase your designs on your terms!)

  • Simplified workflow: Bid farewell to technical hurdles with simplified upload and conversion processes. Just drag and drop your 3D files, and witness them effortlessly transform into stunning renderings. (If you think 3D is too technical, think again!)

  • Collaborative feedback: Get insights and suggestions from your clients, peers, or fellow artists. Use their feedback to further enhance your already spectacular designs. (After all, refining designs is based on invaluable feedback!)

It’s time to level up your creative process, streamline your workflow, and captivate your audience with iJewel Design - the ultimate 3D jewelry design software.

Try it now and witness your designs come to life in ways you’ve never imagined!

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Welcome to this forum.

As you marked your post as discussion, not as showcase, I’ll start with some quick observations.

Looks nice, but at the same time it’s too much ad. How is this related to Three.js? Would it be possible to test it with some live demo? Why the grounds have no names? Do you plan to remove a few small glitches, like missing parts from the reflection? When I visit the site and click on a design nothing happens, but when I click on its “share” button and try the link, it is “404 Page not found”. Do you plan to add augmented reality experience, so that customers can view the rings on their fingers?

Here is a snapshot with the missing parts of the reflection: