Issue with model rotation

So i have 2 attack animations both are fine both work however!

one of those models/bones keeps on starting at the same rotation point for some reason…
so to try and figure out if i was missing some code somewhere to do with rotation i swapped the animation files around so the “broken” animation would use the correct working code that i know is a 100% right and working…

but for some reason this animation still starts at the same point no matter where i turn i assume this is a blender export issue where the animation is “anchored” rotationally or something but im no expert in blender so has anyone come across this?

sorry for the long question!

in the below clip where ever i rotate the animation will start at the same rotation

in this clip the rotation always “snaps” back to the same point

here are the bones:
Sword And Shield Charge (1).fbx (334.3 KB)

Sword And Shield Slash (4).fbx (224.1 KB)