ISO (Looking For) 3D Dev for Major Sports League Client

Hello! Seriously Fun ( is looking for developers versed in React Three Fiber, WebGL, Three.js, GLSL to assist on a project for a major sports league client.
For now, this is a short-term project based engagement with onboarding in the next 48 hours and work going through the end of December.
If you’re interested, send a DM or email with links to past projects or playgrounds for experimental work

As a professional 3D Frontend engineer with 6+ years of experience, I am confident in this project so I would like to work with you
I am familiar with

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTML5
  • React-Three-Fiber, Three.js, WebGL, Babylon.js , PlayCanvas
  • 3D Animation, physics based rendering, 2D drawing
  • 3D linear algebra, vector and matrix math
  • React-three-fiber and webpack
  • React.js/ Redux, Nuxt.js, Vue.js, AWS
  • TypeScript, Angular
  • Unity 3D, Websocket
  • Blender, Maya

Until now, I have developed many interactive 3D websites, 3D Project Configurator, 3D Metaverse, 3D Software Tool, 3D NFT minting sites and 3D game sites using Three.js, Babylon.js and React.js/Vue.js
My Discord : Lucky Ryo#5659 , Email :
If you’re interested in my application, I will show my previous projects on discord.
I promise to keep good communication and high quality work, instant update.
I would like to discuss further, I am ready to start working right now.
Thank you .
Best regards

Hello, hope you are doing well.

I am a senior developer with hands-on experience in WebGL, Three.js(React-three/fiber), GLSL, so I can work with you to implement your GOAL.
Three.js(React-three/fiber) has been one of my most-used tools, and I know exactly how to set up great 3D scenes using several elements and animations.

This is my portfolio site. If you take a look at my work and feel that I could work with you, please DM.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Hi there. For 6 years I have made many website using react three fiber, WebGL, Three.js, GLSL.
If you connect me, I can show my working. I have many experiences about loading 3D file, mapping, light effect, mousedrag event, modeling, mobile app using three.js etc. I have a deep passion for project and guarantee good quality.
Good regards.
My Discord : BLUEOCEAN#7335

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