Is there a photo Realistic Rendering engine for the broswer

I am trying to render 3D images photo realistically, is this possible with threeJS or are there 3rd party libraries out there ?

Actually yes, there is this pathtracing renderer that seems pretty advanced.


I knew the first one, but the one posted by MrDoob seems better done, documented and user friendly.

I miss the ability to set the transparent materials refraction index and light absorption, though. And looking forward to see point lights implemented.

Just my point of view, but I see little value in a ray-tracing renderer. Path tracer is great, as it mimics the way light behaves in the real world, but a ray-traced image just looks fake. Expensive to compute and still fake. To me a ray-traced image belongs in the uncanny valley :smiley:

Great implementation though, not to dismiss the effort put into it. Also, I realize that there are applications for this, so this is just my opinion.

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Just noting that the second one is also path tracing. The project name is misleading.

About applications: Yes, I was thinking in rendering still images for CAD. Not there yet for RT.

Doesn’t really look like it, the cornel box is a really good example. Here’s what that project produces:

Here’s what path-traced cornel box looks like (excuse poor modelling skills):

You can see 2 immediate points: color bleeding, soft shadows.

The image produced by “ray-tracing-renderer” has very sharp shadows and minimal color bleeding. I don’t know if it’s a result of their scene setup though, you can setup some gnarly looking light rigs :smiley:

maybe result of biased sampling.

Yes, it seems the setup is the culprit. The gas mask is way darker than your diffuse sphere.

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thank you , this is super

hoverinc/ray-tracing-renderer is nice however it is not getting maintained anymore.