Is there a decent Chrome debug alternative?

(I’m trying to return to three.js after a long break with other projects, on the right foot)

Win 10, VScode, esbuild, HTTPS local server.

I tried to debug with Firefox VScode extension and nothing seems right, not even consistent.
No proper information on the breakpoints code, if forgets my preference to dock the devtools on the right side, etc.Are there any “secrets” for FF to work properly?

Do we have to depend on that f** tracking company (Google), or is there some other decent option?


  • I uninstalled the VScode Firefox debugging extension,
  • set Edge in VScode’s Run configuration,
  • modified the launch.json from HTTP to HTTPS
    After hitting F5 I (an Edge window is opened by VSCode) and I can now inspect the paused code on breakpoints inside VSCode with pop-up structure just like it was the case with Chrome.
    So far, so good!.

On the top of Edge window I got this:

Then when I tried to set the root folder:


“Make sure you don’t reveal any sensitive information” to Whom?
Am I sharing my project with others? (a WTF moment)

Can anyone enlighten me please?