Best Development Environment, revisited

For a while, I have been trying to find a solid development for Javascript and PHP.

What do I mean by “solid”? Quite simply, the ability to set breakpoints and inspect variables.

I assumed that Visual Studio Code was the answer. After installation and a lot of attempts, I have not found that IDE capable of such elemental task.


-Ramon F. Herrera

I am finally able to insert breakpoints, using Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

It seems that the latest update (VSC 1.50) added such capability.

That said, I would like to receive advice in general.

I have had many years of experience with gcc/gdb and Visual Studio. Web based programming is new to me.


I do it all the time in Firefox. And a quick Google search shows Chrome also has that functionality.


Will look into that.


I’m using PHPStorm for all my development. It hasn’t failed me so far. I’m not saying its the perfect solution, but it works for me. It isn’t a free product though.