Local editor for three.js projects

I am using Netbeans OR notepad++ for developing three.js projects. But both of them do not offer ‘autocomplete’ or ‘autosuggest’ for the framework three.js.
Pure JavaScript nevertheless works fine.
Could anyone of you recommend a local editor for this purpose?

Thanks a lot!

A free one is visual studio code, and some other like Sublime text or Atom, there are quiet a lot, but you should check and configure some of them since some send code to their servers for “analysis”. I don’t use any of those, only tested for short so i can’t really recommend a specific.

Ive found Webstorm to be excellent for any development I have done. not sure if it has official three autocomplete but does suggest and also acts as a local host.

Thanks for your help. I tried Visual Studio Code. But the problem is (like in Netbeans or Notepad++) that there is no autocomplete or suggest.
To be precise, there is AutoSuggest, but only object or methods, that are still used in the project. But NOT ALL possible properties or methods in Three.js.
Does this sounds logic for you ???

Like i said i don’t use it, i use WebStorm as well, but i think you need to configure that, a simple search: