Is it possible to use WebRTC with mobile AR (WebXR)?

Hello everyone
I can use the application here on my mobile phone. It works very well. (samsung s20 - iphone 13) I want to transfer the drawing in real time using this Ar paint application WebRTC. I have not been able to achieve this yet.

I have read all the articles on this subject in the forum.
I can do this. I can transfer the drawing over webrtc in the chrom browser on the mac pc using the Ar paint application using the webxr simulator with Chrome plugins. But when I want to use it with a real camera, that is, with the phone’s camera, I get a black screen.
I need even a very small idea about this or even a very small idea about this subject. I have read almost all the content on the internet and found out that I can’t access it for security/privacy reasons but I need any tricks.

Sincerely regards.