Augmented Reality with WebRTC

Can Threejs be integrated with WebRTC by adding the WebXR session on to the WebRTC video element that will work on cross platform basis, mainly that can be used in a laptop’s web browser(Chrome)?
Kindly suggest other options to achieve this, I need to use the WebXR session in the WebRTC call that is to be shared with another peer.

Do you mind explaining in more detail what you mean here? At first sight, this formulation does not to seem make sense since you can’t use the WebXR session as a stream.

Yes. Actually I’m trying to integrate the threejs webxr_ar_paint with WebRTC to pass on the webXR session from one peer to another peer. I need to do annotations in a live video call, so I chose webRTC to perform web based video communication and I chose webXR to do Augmented Reality on web and found that threejs would be perfect to do annotations. But in the integration phase I got stuck and I tried to get the WebXR camera stream after we click Start AR button and added it to the webRTC video tag, but it failed. Can you help on how to integrate this and achieve on sharing this AR content between 2 devices(2 peers).

I don’t think what you want to do is technically possible.

Ok, so webXR cannot be used with other web apps right?
And can you suggest any other AR technology that can be used on web and that can be shared across devices?

I would not say it like that. You just can’t use a WebXR session as a stream.

OK, Then any other possible way to achieve that?