Is it possible to use threejs postprocessing in Web VR

Hi, everyone
I tried to use unreal blooming effects in Web VR, but I can’t see its effect in my oculus quest 2 headset.
I used to use a lot of postprocessing in threejs projects. but this is my first time to use them in VR.
Please let me know if there are any nice methods to make post-processing possible in WebVR scene.
Thank you all.

EffectComposer does not support WebXR right now since its multi-pass approach does not perform well in XR. The idea was to implement a new system which is able to merge multiple effects in a single (uber)shader. More information at GitHub:


@Mugen87 Thank you for your answer. I hope that the latest version of threejs will support these post-processing effects soon.

@Mugen87 Can we possibly use other buttons of VR controller like A, B, X, Y buttons or joysticks (Oculus Quest 2) in threejs? I don’t see any examples for them.