Is it possible to have a texture array of compressed textures?

I’ve been wondering, is it possible to have an DataTexture2DArray but instead of plain pixel values, we’d have some compressed textures instead.

I had a look around but couldn’t find anything, either in OpenGL or in WebGL. Any pointers would be appreciated.

DataTexture2DArray and DataTexture3D do not support compressed textures.

There is WebGL2RenderingContext.compressedTexImage3D() however I’ve never worked with it so far. So I can’t tell how well it is supported in browsers.

In any event, compressedTexImage3D() is not used by three.js. Only texImage3D().


any plans to support the compressedTexture Array ? would be nice to have with compressed Basis Textures

There are no plans yet, sorry. You might want to create a feature request at GitHub for this.

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done with