Is it possible to exclude elements from rendering in a Reflector?

I don’t want certain elements to be rendered in a Reflector, mostly for performance reasons (I want to reduce draw calls).

One way I think would do this would be to:
Modify the Reflector.js class with the following:

  • add an argument with layers to disable. called disableLayers
  • on the virtual camera, disable the layers from disableLayers

On the objects I dont want to render in the reflector, I would set those layers on those objects.

Im curious - if a layer is disabled for a camera, does that mean objects with those layers are not rendered, and no draw call is performed for those objects?

And in general, if visible=false is set on an object, does that avoid a draw call?

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Correct. The following example demonstrates this feature: three.js webgl - layers

Also correct.