CSS2DObject problems to stop following camera and hide on disabled layer

Is there anyway to stop css2d to stop following camera? I used ‘lookat function’ but not worked.
I put css2d on layer 1 but when I only enable layer 2, the css2dObject object still showing.

You can see the case example on the link https://jsfiddle.net/erlandazakaria/o29xew60/42/

  1. If u click toggle layer 1, layer 1 will be hidden, then the label of this layer still show up. how can I solve this?
  2. if u rotate the camera u will see the label and even the button will follow the camera. how can I make this css2dobject static.

As soon as you add an instance of CSS2DObject to a 3D object of your WebGL rendered scene, it will be kept in sync and there is no way of avoiding this.

If you want static UI elements, it’s best if you not use CSS2DRenderer and manage plain HTML elements by yourself.

Besides, both CSS renderers do not support layers. So even if you apply a layer configuration, it will be just ignored. However, this is a feature that might be worth to investigate and probably implement.

thanks for the reply.
So, I will go with display none and show for now.
One more question please, CSS3DObject is kind of static maybe I can use it. But it has some kind of blurry when it is to close my guess. Can I overcome this?


however, if I zoom out a little bit, it will clear

not blur