Is it possible to achieve Line art rendering in three js?

I have a 3D scene of an architecture design and I am trying to generate 2D drawings of front views and isometric views. Goal is to make the scene cartoonish so that it would like a drawing. I attached two examples below to show what kind of outputs I am looking for

Figure 1: Desired outputs for front view elevation drawings (picture is from another software)

Figure 2: Desired output of isometric drawing (picture is from another software)

At the moment I am planning to use MeshToonMaterial and OutlineEffect similar to the example here.

Are there any better suggestions or any shader that can help me achieve this?

I’ve had some luck using a combination of fat lines per and just very basic toon or lambert shader (no OutlineEffect). But it’s a lot of work that may or may not fit well with the 3d scene you already have.