Is it more performant for three.js to load a mesh that's already been triangulated than a mesh using quads?

I’ve asked the same question here:

I’ve read that Three.js triangulates all mesh faces, is that correct?

Then I realized that most of the gltf models I’ve been using have quad faces. It’s very easy to triangulate faces in Blender so I’m curious if pre-triangulating the faces will result in quicker load of the mesh?

Thanks in advance, and if you have any other performance tips on three.js and gltf’s (besides those listed at that would be super helpful!

glTF does not support quads, so any models in that format will be triangles, lines, or points. Quads are useful during the modeling process but need to be converted to triangles for real-time rendering. Because it’s a real-time-optimized format glTF requires that conversion when writing the file, not when loading it. Exporters can do this automatically.

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Gotcha, thanks Don!