How to export a Gltf as Quad data?

I know that the three.js does not support quads, however, I am wondering how the GLTFExporter can be modified to support exporting everything as quads.

Can I simply supply the gltfexporter with buffergeometry that uses position attributes with itemSize of 4 instead of 3? and with the corresponding indexes?

Neither three.js nor glTF support quads, sorry. glTF is made for delivering 3D models to runtime viewers, which often cannot render quads directly on the GPU without first triangulating them, so the format always uses triangles, points, or lines currently.

It might be possible to export quads with a more offline-focused format like OBJ, COLLADA, or FBX, although I’m not sure if the three.js exporters for those formats support it.

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thanks for the info! I was already planning to create my own obj exporter since that format is relatively simple… Just had thought maybe the gltf would have supported it.